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They were probably talking about the keyboard configuration since laptop
keyboards aren't the same as desktop keyboards.  If your keyboard is
different, then check the keyboard settings in Configuration Manager and
make sure it's set to Laptop.






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Hey all,


I just need a really quick answer for this. I'm horrible at searching
through the Jaws help files to find what I want. So I figure rather than
stress myself out, I'd put the question to the list and have you kind people
answer my question.


I just bought a new laptop and had the Jaws installed. However, I'm not sure
if the person who helped me install the Jaws did whatever you do to change
the settings to laptop settings. Or whatever. All I remember is a long time
ago when I first started inquiring about a laptop, I asked the question of
settings for JFW. Anyway, I was told you just change something and make it
have laptop settings. So that's my question. Where do I look to find this
setting? I've already tried looking through the menus and such, but don't
really want to change stuff r touch anything really in the event I screw
something up.


If anyone out there would be so kind as to help me out, I would be most



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