[bksvol-discuss] OT: Hearing aids.

  • From: "Paula and James Muysenberg" <outofsightlife@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 4 Sep 2005 16:29:00 -0500


    I know some of the folks on this list wear hearing aids, so perhaps
someone can answer a question for me off list. I was fitted with a hearing
aid last week, and then proceded to develop infections in both ears. I'm
hoping the problem was not caused by the hearing aid, but I really can't be

    It seemed like my good ear (the one without the hearing aid) became
infected first, but I'm wondering if the problem started in the other ear
and then spread to my good one. My question is, if you get an infection as
the result of a hearing aid, can the infection spread to the ear that does
not have an aid? I've read that some people can't wear a hearing aid,
because they keep developing infections, and I'm concerned that I may turn
out to be one of those people.

    If anyone can give me any information, please e-mail me at the address
below, so as not to further clutter our volunteer list. Needless to say, I
won't be wearing the hearing aid again, until a doctor verifies that both
ears have healed. Thanks for any suggestions.

Paula Muysenberg

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