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Thought this might be of use to someone, given we work with Word quite a bit.

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Subject: [nfbcs] An Immersion into Microsoft Word 2010
From:    "CathyAnne" <cathy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date:    Fri, February 25, 2011 4:47 am
To:      david.andrews@xxxxxxxxxx

I'm pleased to announce the release of our latest textbook.

An Immersion into Microsoft Word 2010 is a comprehensive exploration of Word
2010 with JAWS or Window-Eyes.  It takes readers from the basics of Word
2010 through some of the more advanced features such as Macros, Forms, and
Mail Merge.

This textbook is available for sale from Access Technology Institute and is
available for immediate download.  To review the table of contents and
purchase your digital download textbook, please visit:



CathyAnne Murtha


Twitter: CathyAnneMurtha

Yahoo IM: CathyAnneMurtha

Access Technology Institute


Phone: (520) 303-5885

FAX: (800) 986-6198

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