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I apologize for the off-topic post, but I wanted everyone to know what I've 
decided to do with my Avon business. 50 percent of my Web site profits, 
starting in July, will be donated to a different organization each month. 
For July, the profits will go to GDUI. For August, they will go to Pilot 
Dogs in Columbus, Ohio, which is where I got my dog. For September, they 
will go to Bookshare, an organization that allows members to share books in 
accessible formats. After that, I'm open to suggestions for other 
blindness-related organizations to which I can send the donations. If you've 
never been able to help these organizations but wish you could, or if you'd 
just like to help in another way, feel free to visit my Avon site in my 
signature for a different organization to help each month, and feel free to 
email me at the address in my signature to offer other suggestions for 
donations in future months. All organizations will be considered and most 
likely, they will all get a donation in the future. Please do email me 
off-list with any suggestions or questions, as I know this is off-topic for 
these lists, and thanks for your time. Also, feel free to forward this along 
to any other lists where there might be interested parties. Take care.
Julie Morales
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