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My public library in San Jose also has some audio books that you can download. 
However, I have enough to read as it is. One time, I downloaded one of these 
audio books but did not have time to read it (smile). 

"Shelley L. Rhodes" <juddysbuddy@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:   Massachusetts also has 
the downloadable audio books.

Shelley L. Rhodes M.A., VRT, CTVI
and Guinevere, Golden lady Guide
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More than Any other time, When i hold a beloved book in my hand, my 
limitations fall from me, my spirit is free.
- Helen Keller

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Dear Monica, and Booksharian Friends,

You could move to Ohio, too. NLS is making Play Away Audio available to all 
Ohio patrons and audio described videos, too. You may want to do one of the 
many things you do well before you start packing and track down more details 
about the program. In Ohio there are only 250 titles available so far and 
they aren't in great supply so they ask us to list genre preferences and 
take what we get. I'm not a fan of James Patterson but the first book I got 
was fifth in the Women's murder series, a series I don't like. I'm reading 
it anyway because of the novelty of the cute little thin rectangular books 
they send which have 6 easy to navigate buttons on back to adjust volume, 
start and stop and hop from chapter to chapter. Though I wouldn't have 
chosen this book, I don't mind it enough not to let myself enjoy it.

I'm a little concerned that though we have more sources for books through 
NLS and our local libraries, County libraries tend to concentrate on 
stocking best sellers which they don't replace when the book wears out or 
circulation for it drops off.

I'm hugely grateful to NLS and usually have a talking book and hard braille 
book going along with whatever I'm reading from Bookshare. I'm very anxious 
for NLS to thrive. They provide reading services to anyone who qualifies 
whether they can afford adaptive equipment or not. When my Braille Note 
wears out, it may be years before I can afford a replacement. It comforts me 
to know I'll still be able to receive paper braille books in the mail no 
matter what.

I'll never choose Bookshare over Nls or NLS over Bookshare. They complement 
each other and serve more people combined than either would alone.

So, Monica, come ahead and move to Ohio, or feel free to come and visit me 
and the Play Always and take in the beauty, fun and culture of Ohio if you 
need a little vacation.

Always with love,

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Hmm. I need to move to Florida. Anyone want to guess why?

Speaking of scanning books from NLS, I'm working on scanning The Present, 
by Spencer Johnson. It's a wonderful book, a perfect read for people who 

Monica Willyard

maithe007 wrote:
It could also be because of things such as this:

Miami-Dade Public Library System adds Playaway Self-playing digital 
audio books to its collection

The Miami-Dade Public Library System has added a new component to its 
audio books collection with Playaway, a self-playing digital audio book, 
which allows
users to listen to their favorite title anywhere.


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