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These are the messages that come in double.  It started yesterday.


At 02:37 AM 7/3/2005, you wrote:

What fun!  I would go, but I know my husband wouldn't.
He won't fly, for one thing, and doesn't like to
travel, period. It took a lot of effor to persuade him
to go to D.C. (we live in L.A.) for our daughter's med
school graduation, and even to go up to San Franciso
for her wedding and then a couple of months later for
our other daught'er's law school graduation. And even
though the latter is living in S.F., which isn't that
far, he hasn't gone up since, though I have. He sees
her whens he comes down here.


-- Rose Combs <rosecombs@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Well, I was my sister's last choice, apparently the
> two other people she
> had in mind were out of town this weekend.
> My sister went to China--this is really weird, her
> son's girlfriend's
> father works there and my nephew decided to go over
> there for a visit
> and then, sort of on the spur of the moment about
> six weeks ago decided
> to get married while in China.  My nephew is getting
> a free ride, but my
> sister had to pay her way.  She left yesterday, and
> when I talked to her
> the night before she had no e-mail from her son so
> she was not even sure
> if she would be met at the airport in Chang hi.
> I said if it was my kid he could have a good time
> but no way would I go
> to China for him.  Guess that would make me a bad
> mom, but I don't have
> to worry about that one.
> Rose Combs
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> Rose,
> Your sister's dog sounds very smart -- too smart. I
> synpathize with you for the loss of your watchband
> and
> the pillow mess, and think what a wonderful sister
> you
> are to take on the job of babysitting your sister's
> dog.
> Although I had dogs as a kid, neither my husband nor
> I
> are "into" having pets now. I'm a terrible mother.My
> daughter recently got a very cute beagle mix -- six
> years old but acts like a puppy. We made it very
> clear
> that we will not babysit the dog. It's like some
> people feel about grandchildren--the dog is fn to
> visit with but I'm happy to go home without her. She
> and her husband are going away for about a week.
> Fortunately, they have a friend to dog-sit. I have
> said that I will babysit a child if they have one.
> If
> they have the five that her husband wants, that
> probably will be too much for me (grin). I'll be way
> too old by then (another grin).
> Cindy
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