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  • From: "Phyllis Stevens" <catlady1949@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2006 23:23:25 -0400

I have loved both my shepherds. My first guide was a shepherd and the third was also. I think that their gait is much smoother than the labs, and I don't know about goldens, cause I've never had one. I do have a black lab now, though, who has a really smoothe gait like the shepherd, and not the trotty bouncey thing that labs usually do. I also like the shepherd because they are usually quite funny with their vocalizations. But this time I said I'd love whatever they gave me! I wish they'd find one that wasn't so exuberant when my friends come to see me though! It's okay after about the first five minutes, but almost nothing works to calm this pup down short of putting her on tiedown till she settles. My good friends, though, understand. I am not too critical about this when she's not working, but do give her many many corrections when she is for this. Anyway, I love her inspite of her imperfections!


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