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Hi Laura Ann, 


I looked into the school here in Oregon when I first came to Portland. Then
I got a job and kind of didn't follow up. I will have to keep them in mind
as I move forward. 



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Katie Hill



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Hi E and Katie,

I have a wonderful yellow lab guide dog named Dasher from Guide Dogs for the
Blind Inc. in Boring OR...

http://www.guidedogs.com <http://www.guidedogs.com/> 

He is my 3rd and all came from there, well first 2 from the San Rafael
They have done an incredible job matching me each time and my guides do
incredibly wonderful work.
I just got Dasher in October of last year so we are coming up on our 1 year
I love having a guide dog and the independence and freedom  I have as a
I have heard wonderful things about The Seeing Eye as well....your guide
sounds neat....Burton is a cool name.

Laura Ann

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