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How neat that is wow

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  Wow Gwinn double the presents on Christmas day, who'd knew. My friend, from 
Southern California, a trumpeter like myself, name is Rudy Cervantes, his B day 
is on August 9th, but he won't disclose age so he says it is in the hundreds, 
yeah, right, I know he ain't in his hundreds, he still drives a car and plays 
the horn swell.
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    Bob Tweedy's birthday is June 28th

    Gwen Tweedy's birthday is  November 25th.

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      I have been digging through my hard drive finding files I've saved, and 
I've compiled this list of people's birthdays. If yours is not right or you 
want to share yours, please let me know.

      January 2 Susan Lumpkin
      February 7 Bud
      February 8 Doug
      February 9 Ann P
      February 11 Meka
      February 15 Jamie Y
      February 16 Dilsia
      February 20 Mayrie
      April 5 Kim Friedman
      April 6 Chela
      April 24 Bob Wiley
      April 25 Evan
      April 28 Roger
      April 30 Valerie
      May ?? Christina
      May 11 Jake
      May 17 Jana
      June 12 Carrie
      July 14 Rose Combs
      July 18 Monica W
      August ?? Julie Morales
      August 5 Lori Castner
      September 11 Pat Ferguson
      December 21 Grandma Cindy
      December 4 Siobhan
      December ?? Sue S

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