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HI Barbara,
As far as I know only one of the android readers has highlighting while you
read, and that only for a reader that costs, and not in all situations, only
a few, in fact.  Bookshare is testing their android reader, but it isn't out
yet.  As far as I know there isn't a way to read and listen having the words
scroll and speak at the same time.


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My question was how do I get the Bookshare Mobile Reader for Androids to
allow me to see the print and hear it simultaneously. I know that the
Read2Go App. allows this to happen. However, this App. is not compatible
with the Android software.

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Read2Go displays the print while it reads, if that is your question.

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When using the Bookshare Mobile Reader, Is there anyway to hear see the
print being read at the same time?      

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