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I originally sent my reply to Jamie, not realizing
right away that she'd posted her message and the
attachments and not wanting to clutter the list. But
since you were interested enough, Michael, to read it
and open the attachments, below is what I said and
what else I found that might be more useful for
Barbara. Jamie's going to ask her.



I do have some of the symbols that could be inserted,
like Æ?; and others are Greek or Roman letters,
the first thing in the top equation is a capital Greek
psi, which stands for 700--but I haven't found a way
to paste it in, though one could write it out.

But to bother to translate or transliterate the
equations, obviously, is, as you suggest, way to
time-consuming to bother with. However, reading the
paragraph before the first equation, I don't think
it's necessary. You could just treat it as an
illustration and write equation in brackets.

But I wonder if the person who wants the bioptic info
really wants something that scientific. There's a book
listed on amazon, unfortunately currently unavailable
but maybe available in someone's library (not mine): 
Bioptic telescopic spectacles for driving a motor
vehicle by Gerald Fonda.

But--good news!! When I went to Barnesandnoble.com to
look for the above book, there was a referral to a
site http://www.biopticdriving.org/ and it contained
the article below. Perhaps you can pass this site and
informtion on to whoever you were doing the book for.
The referral was at the end of a summry of this book:
Driving with Confidence: A Practical Guide to Driving
with Low Vision by Eli and Doron Peli.

The article on the bioiptic site is below


Have you been told you can't drive because of reduced
resolution or visual acuity?  Perhaps you can! 

A BiOptic is a lens system with a telescope attached
to a pair of glasses, above (BTL is below) one's
normal line of sight. This allows a trained user the
opportunity to detect objects or movement within
his/her driving scene using the wide field of view
available through the regular spectacle lens and to
resolve fine details such as road signs and traffic
lights by glancing briefly and intermittently into and
out of the miniature telescopic unit.  BiOptic lens
systems used for visual assistance in the driving task
are available in a number of different styles, sizes,
and powers: the latter most commonly ranging from 2X -
5.5X ( " X " referring to the strength or power of
magnification of the telescopic unit). 


It was William Feinbloom, O.D. who coined the name
"BiOptic" and the abbreviation BTS in the 1950's, when
he first designed the lens.  He used the abbreviation
BTS for "BiOptic telescopic system"  Dr. Feinbloom
defined a BiOptic as "a bi-visual optical system which
mounts a miniature aperture telescope in the superior
portion of a carrier lens enabling the user to rapidly
change fixation from the carrier lens to the
telescopic system."  More information may be found in
Dr. Feinbloom's many publications, in professional
journals published during the 60's, and 70's, until
his death during the 80's.  He first reported on the
BiOptic in 1958.  Also, Schapero's Diction of Visual
Science defines "a bi-visual system consisting of a
small aperture telescope to magnify distant objects
mounted in a portion of the patient's normal distance
correction lens."

Some jurisdictions in the US restrict the power of the
telescopes permitted.  Of course, not all BiOptics are
used for driving.  The use determines the power,
working distance and location on the carrier lens.


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