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Wow, well, the equations scanned very well.  That would be the good news.  I've 
fixed a few simple equations in a couple books so they would be easier to 
convert, but nothing like these.

As a sighted (sort of) meteorologist these are quite complex equations.  
Apparently this is a very technical book on how to design bioptics rather than 
a popular book about how a person might use them.  

I know there is a math braille (called nemeth), but that would mean the brf 
copy of the book would have to be created separately from the daisy version.  
And for the Daisy version the equation would have to be written out in words.  
I did find a page online by Professor Nemeth that describes an efficient way to 
speak math http://www.rit.edu/~easi/easisem/talkmath.htm   Again, that would 
take a lot of "translation" to type in the spoken version of each equation. 

It would be useful to know what publishers that are supposed to be
adding textbooks directly to bookshare do for complex equations. 

So, I, at least, don't have a real answer of what to do.  I'd send the scan 
files directly to John Glass or volunteer@xxxxxxxxxxxxx with the question about 
what to do.  But, I've only been validating for a few months so maybe someone 
else knows more.


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I'm going to attach this as both a tif and a jpg from the Bioptics book. The 
book is full of these.

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