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You can check out the Zen Stone at Amazon.com

Jim N.

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Hi Jim,

I too wanted more info on it so I went to Newegg.com.  They had 2 
models, a 1GB and a 2GB.  From their description it would seem the 
2GB also has a display, FM tuner and supports voice recording.  They 
both come in a variety of colors.
If you're not familiar with NewEgg, the screen and layout tends to be busy.
Search for Specifications and click on that if you want some info on it.

Creative ZEN STONE White 1GB MP3 Player

Creative ZEN STONE PLUS White 2GB MP3 Player

I'm not pushing NewEgg by any means, but I have had good luck with 
them in the past.  I also don't know how these prices stack up, as I 
haven't looked elsewhere.


At 11:40 AM 12/7/2007, you wrote:
>I tried to look for the Zen Stone on line. Can anyone who wants to please
>describe it?

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