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  • Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2005 01:17:37 -0800 (PST)

What is the topic supposed to be, Allison? (smile)
Just technical questions? I did have the feeling that
book discussions rather than "working" discussions
were supposed to be on the bookshare-discuss but they
aren' all the same people. I figure that anything to
do with books; bookshare; technology problems;
scanning  and validating problems is o.k. here. I'd
consider other things that we enjoy talking about,
like the weather, people's moves and Christmas
shopping lists, different city pronunciations, et al
to be the off-topic subjects -- but that's just my

For those of you who haven't been here long, we have
fun times and discussions about all kinds of things.
It helps us to feel that we're all friends, I think.
Sometimes we even get chastised or argue as family
members do. Maybe we're more like a family than
friends.  smile


--- Allison <alwaysallie@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Ah yes, there's that OT I put in the subject line
> again, I definitely like 
> this thread much better
> now.  How bout you all?  For those who don't know,
> OT means off topic.  It's
> a part of list etiquette to put that in there.
> Thanks,
> Allison
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