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  • Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2008 20:45:08 -0500

Have a safe trip Carrie.
We will miss you.
Laura Ann
At 06:06 PM 7/25/2008, you wrote:
Hi gang,

Starting Sunday, I am going to be OOP (out of pocket) for the next 2 weeks, being in Guam with Lisa at a Bookshare conference, teaching the Pacific Islanders how to register their students and download books for them. While I'm gone, Lindsie Verma will be handling my responsibilities - buying and validating the New York Times bestsellers, processing inhouse/volunteer/student requests, and approving books. Her address is lindsie.v@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx If you have any problems or concerns, write her or Pavi Mehta, the volunteer coordinator, at pavi.m@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx The other Collection Development people will be processing the bestsellers so they might be a bit slower getting into the collection than normal. Please be patient! The books will be in eventually!! I am supposed to have Internet access at my hotel room, so I may be able to logon and see what's up, but maybe not. We'll see!
While I'm gone, everyone is to have a wonderful summer!


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