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Thanks, Roger and Mayrie.  I went with Mayrie’s suggestion.  The Fs that look 
like Ses are not actually Fs, so I think that would misrepresent the textual 
content.  But I have maintained all period orthography.



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I think the rule is to match it as closely to the book as possible, so let it 
stand. By the way, as irritating as it might be to the reader, that should be 
done, too, when there is a typographical error or a misprint.

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[bksvol-discuss] OK, gang, got a weird one!   
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Hi all, 

I’m working on The Lady in Blue by Javier Sierra.  At the end of the book is a 
document written in old Spanish.  Some of the “abnormalities” are standard
orthographic conventions of the period, things like using the letter u where in 
modern Spanish there would be a V.  others are the result of the font. 
So, for instance,  the letter S looks like an F.  This also is typical of 
period texts.  My question: Should I correct/modernize it, or should I leave
it?  One option would be to correct font issues, but leave the period 
orthography intact.   There is an English translation following the Spanish 

I appreciate any input. 



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