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Hi all,

No, Kim, if was interesting.  I would have explained it differently by saying 
that thee, thou, thy thine, etc. are the equivalent of the French familiar 
form, which is the same in Spanish.  You would speak to children, to your lover 
or to your immediate family using the familiar form.  I believe that one should 
address God in this way, but that's me.  We have lost so much of our language 
in the realm of the courtesies.  The absence of class is part of it, but it is 
extremely satisfying to address someone who has insulted you or demeaned you by 
using the most familiar form possible these days, the indearment.  If I address 
you as "My dear", you can be very sure that you've done something horrendous, 
and I'm not amused at all.  Many languages have different words for addressing 
ones relatives.  You speak of your mother's brother or your father's sister, 
and these are single words.  There is, in some languages a whole protocol on 
how you are to address others depending on their relationship to you, your 
status and their status.  English by-passes all these and just glumps everyone 
together.  Maybe that's why  there is so much violence these days.  There is no 
other way to deal with people.

Ann P.
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