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Yes, I would leave it as it is. However, like I said, that s in place of an
f was not really an s; it just looked like it. It looked so much like it
that I would expect that OCR software would interpret it as an s. In that case
it would be just another scanning error and I would think it should be
changed to an f.

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[bksvol-discuss] Re: OK, gang, got a weird one!   
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Hi all,

No hablo espanol, but if I did, I think I'd leave the text the way it is. 
It might look weird in braille, you might put a note at the beginning saying
that the text was written in Old Spanish.  If I were proofing a book about
Medieval Times and came across a letter in Middle English or Old English,
live it the way it was.  This would be especially true if the book were set
in modern times and the characters found the manuscript from centuries
This is purely my gut feeling.  So take it with a teaspoon of salt.

Ann P.

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