[bksvol-discuss] Re: OK, HUGE question, esp to Grandma Cindy:

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I did wonder how people have time to keep up with the list and scan and 
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  Lol. Liz, most of us multitask. I sit and work with people on the phone in my 
dad's office while I'm scannning. Our business is home-based, and my schedule 
is flexible. Validating chores like stripping headers bore me, so I sit and 
chat with people in the Bookshare chat room while I fix headers and page 
numbers. I was talking to a friend on the phone this afternoon and scanned two 
books while doing so. I have Kurzweil set up to tell me when a page scans 
poorly, and I take care of that page as soon as I hear the announcement. 
Otherwise, I just keep scanning and talking till the book is finished.

  As for validating, I can't afford any kind of Braille device, so I listen to 
books with speech. That means reading with my hands free. I read while doing 
dishes, during my physical therapy sessions, and for a couple of hours before 
bed. I don't have a commute to get to work, or I'd probably validate during a 
bus ride. I answer mail on this list when I have time, and I delete messages 
unread if they don't concern me. I also have several filters set up to put 
certain messages in my trash folder automatically. I filter out messages about 
things like note takers since I don't have one and messages about Outlook 
Express since I don't use that program. That's how I get things done. Grandma 
Cindy probably does things very differently since she can see.

  Monica Willyard

  liz halperin wrote: 
With all of the traffic on here, and I note that Cindy posts 24 hours a day,
when do y'all do your scanning and validating, and sleeping and LIFE?????

Liz in Portland, another confirmed failure at validating--so I send up the
cleanest scans possible


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