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Dear Amy,

Ginji is an intriguing discovery. You, Cindy and Pratik are so enthusiastic. 
How can I not be tempted? I'm honored that you'd consider me as a candidate to 
validate for you. There's nothing more I like than a bookish challenge and I do 
validate with care and respect. 

Remember the Tolkien project? For several months I've promised myself and 
others to help prepare his History of Middle-earth for uploading. My commitment 
to add more books about Ireland, Scotland and Wales is also ongoing, so I have 
to postpone entering Genji's world. 

Fortunately I notice he has some loyal fans among Booksharians. I expect 
validators will be competing for the chance to work with your scan. 

No wonder you said you were in a hurry in one of your posts. You've taken on a 
gigantic, noble, task.

Always with love,

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  Thank you for asking.  I am scanning him now.  He is the title character of a 
story written by a lady in waiting in the court of the Emperor in  10th C. 
Japan and circulated privately among the court ladies first and then more 
widely among the men therein.  The intro got me hooked but the print was so 
small that 3pp gave me a blinding migraine (no pun intended) and after 170pp I 
had to give up.  That was when I became a Bookshare  volunteer and I finally 
got the Kurzweil  1 month trial and have been scanning rapidly (+/-) ever 
since.  I have reached p. 820 and have 430pp to go and will need validating as 
I have had trouble fixing the areas around the many drawings (which did not 
scan).  There are editions available at RFBand one at Bookshare but they are by 
men who did not appreciate the times or female point of view.  They tried to 
make it easier for the modern reader but in the process lost the feel  and 
point of view and ambiance of the irugubak,  That is why I had to scan it if 
only for my own reading and I have been scurrying to fnd out how and  get 
Kurzweil to do it.  There are places I noticed along the way that I did not 
know how to repair and could not figure out what to do about and was 
inconsistent in handling but learned along the way but my guess is you will get 
as hooked as I did along the way.  It is the only book I every read which 
demanded I read the intro. after only a few pp but that did it and I think it 
will for you too. I will be finished in just a day or too but will need 
instructions on how to upload it then as it will be my first.  I feel as virgin 
as some of Genji's ladies.  ( was the illigitimate son of the Emperor's 
favorite mistress).   Enough said?  

  I would be delighted if you would balidate it and will happily send the loose 
pages (I got the paperback and removed the spine for scanning as the hardback 
lost too many words in the  center pages though that should not be a problem in 
validating.  If you prefer I can send the hardback volumes but I would want 
those back.           


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    Dear Volunteer Friends,

    That's it. Who is Genji?

    Always with love,

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      That reminds me that I have a whole stack of Genji books sitting 
somewhere in a box, packed away for the day when I'll get to buy a large house. 
 I'm sure they'll eventually make it into the collection. 
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      Hi Amy,
      Regarding your Genji project,
      1. The pages with just a couple of letters may be blank pages, or they 
may be pages that contain things that scanning software cannot interpret. That 
might include maps, charts, pictures, Japanese characters, or any number of 
other visual features. Unfortunately at this point there really isn't a way to 
incorporate the sketches into the Bookshare files--right now the system is 
handling text only. 
      I hope this is helpful and not too disappointing, and if you need more 
Kurzweil tips don't hesitate to ask,

      P.S. It's neat that you are adding this cultural classic to Bookshare's 
collection. One of the neatest things about Bookshare is the way it opens up 
opportunities to explore literature from other cultures that might not 
otherwise come to our notice.

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