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I certainly am grateful for the financial update.  The prophets accrued from 
the validation of "Transcention" are the only thing standing between me and 
utter ruin.

I read and edited that book in a state of total desperation, but now, I have 
found serenity in your most gracious and informative e-mail.

My precise location can be discovered by looking up the ham radio call K4ZQ.  
The information given concerning this call in ham radio data bases may be of 
great benefit in providing aerial and satellite protection; which will further 
contribute to my sense of security.  Also, the address given in these same data 
bases will give my street address, and may expedite the delivery of my much 
needed money.

Your assistance in the validation of this book is, of course, appreciated, and 
you will receive ten per cent of prophits.  Wish I could do more, but that 
percentage will leave me on the edge of poverty, so I hope you can appreciate 
the sacrifice I am making.  In order to cut you in on this action, I must take 
food from the mouths of my 3 non-existent children.

Again Thank you.

In the name of Elbereth,
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  Dear Ernie,

  To set your mind at ease, your check for fifty cents is ensconced in a vault 
at an undisclosed location being protected round the clock by 2 former SWAT  
team good guy goons while the FBI assists me in discovering your. Whereabouts. 
When your precise location has been triangulated within 2 centimeters, a 
contingent of Federal Agents will call on you. . Be prepared to submit to a 
search of your person and premises for your own protection, and to present your 
social security card, a photo id, and a DNA sample! Once these have been 
verified, and a background check completed, say in five to 8 months, an armored 
truck with a police escort will be dispatched to deliver your check. The 
streets within a three mile radius of your home will be cleared of civilian and 
motor traffic and residents will remain in doors. Once law enforcement is 
satisfied that the area is secured, the transfer will take place. In 
recognition of your contribution to society for validating Transcendence you 
will be given plain clothes and uniformed police protection on route to your 
bank to deposit said check. 

  Thus you are provided with sufficient time to engage a counselor to guide you 
in coping with the hoards of hangers on who will attempt to claim a portion of 
your windfall by means from the sinister to the mellow dramatic. It is highly 
recommended that you engage the services of a trustworthy financial manager to 
get the highest yield for your acquisition. Professionals whose services are 
billed at between 600 and 1000 dollars an hour have experience assisting those 
such as yourself who have come upon sudden wealth. 

  It was my pleasure to assist you in this endeavor. It is the farthest thing 
from my mind to expect a per centage of your well earned cash award for the 
small but pivotal role I played. Of course a gift would be appreciated, but 
certainly not expected.

  Always with love,

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    I finally got it together here.  It took a major system restore, and I'll 
probably never know exactly what the problem was.  Suffice it to say, it's gone.

    When you are ready to send those Eddings books up, let me know and I'll 
validate 'em.

    I looked for transention, and it was gone, so apparently somebody has it.  
Great, and sorry I couldn't get it uploaded.



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