[bksvol-discuss] O T What is K3,000

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Dear Bookshare Friends,

What is K3,000. It sounds like the newest version of K1000, but what happened 
to 2,000 and why doesn't anyone want 3,000? Puzzled.

Always With Love,


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  Hi, Evan!  Sorry about the demo.  When I upgraded to K1000 from OpenBook, the 
same thing happened to me.  I was so excited when my package arrived, and then 
I was so disappointed to find that I had K3000 instead! <Smile>  Thankfully, 
the folks at Kurzweil were quick to make things right.  I don't think I had to 
wait an entire week, although it's been a while now.  Take care!


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    I'm not the only person to goof up recently.  I ordered a K1000 demo disc 
on Friday July 28, and on Monday I got a K3000 demo disc.  I called them up 
yesterday morning and told them that I must have done something wrong on the 
form, but the guy told me that I had requested K1000, but that someone must 
have just picked up the wrong package to send to me.  So now I gotta wait 
another week or so to try out K1000.  Any words of sympathy and support through 
this time of tribulation would be appreciated. <grin>

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