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  • Date: Wed, 03 Jan 2007 13:01:21 -0500

Whata great idea!!
At 12:57 PM 1/3/2007, you wrote:
Today is J. R. R. Tolkien's birthday, Traditionally, his admirers stand, raise a glass of anything at nine pe em this day and say, "The Professor," and drink a toast.

This gesture, though simple and brief has been a meaningful tradition. This year I'm enspired to start a date book and take a significant 15 seconds a day to toast the birth, or anniversary of something that matters to me.

For example,
on the anniversary of Bookshare's founding, "Books Prepared and Shared"
on Delmar's Birthday, "Close Cousins,"
on Shakespeare's birthday, ""Humanity as Theater."
on Beethoven's birthday, "The composer who heard the sublime in silence"
On Thoreau's birthday, "student of nature"

It's a nice way to give a nod to people and ideas worth remembering.

If on any day anyone here has a toast to propose, I always have ice water or something wet, and fifteen seconds to spare.

The way my random thoughts spawn personal projects you'd think I didn't have a passel of books to validate.

Always with love,


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