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Hi, Jamie, if I wish to select a header, this works great. If I wish to
change the font on a heading I hit the home key to get to the beginning of a
line, then use the shift key with my left hand and the end key with my right
hand, then the whole line is selected. I can then hit alt+o to get into my
font menu, choose the style I want and the size I want, and voila! it works
like a charm after I press the enter key after choosing the point type I
want. Regards, Kim. P.S.: I bet you know this already. K.


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Oh that's too cool. I didn't know control-shift-end would highlight
everything to the end of the message so I could delete it.
I have been using shift and the down arrow key for so many years . . .
Thanks! (it works in gmail anyway)

Jamie in Michigan

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