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All of the user manuals are available to download. Some, like the pacmate,
(tns and braille versions), are even in a number of formats.
Most of the notetakers like the braille n speak, type n speak, braille lite
m, braille lite 2000, type lite, and so on are found at:
For some reason the packmate is at a different address which is:
In case those links don't work, I'm absolutely sure all of the manuals for
FS products are found on their website. You can either find them by going
through the link which says support and then documentation or something like
that, or easier just go to the link which says search, and type in the
product you want to learn about. It will obviously hit a lot of their pages
which mention the product, but the manuals/documentation is usually found
within the top five or ten hits.

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> I am hoping someone on here can help me.  I am seeking out manuals for the
> pac mate family and the Braillelite and Typelite.  I am getting hired as a
> private contractor for our State Blindness agency to do possible training
> different notetakers, and my memories of some of them, are well a bit
> smile.  I used a Braillelite and typelite about four years ago.  And I got
> to play with the pac mate back when it first come out.  I have the
> Braillenote family manuals as they come with the unit.
> But if anyone could help with manuals in accessible format, it would be
> great, or resources where I might find the manuals in accessible format.
> Thanks listers.
> Shelley L. Rhodes and Judson, guiding golden
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