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Hello Volunteers:
2 more additions to the bookshare collection.
Chosen of the Gods (DragonLance: Kingpriests Trilogy #1)
Chris Pierson <http://www.bookshare.org/browse/author?key=Chris%20Pierson> 
Long Synopsis:
Istar is the mightiest empire Krynn has ever known. The Kingpriests have
reigned in the name of Paladine, the supreme god of good, for centuries. But
danger lurks in the empire's heart. The Kingpriest has foreseen his own
death, and dark forces converge on the Temple, vying to control the throne. 
Book Quality:

Children of the Plains (Dragonlance: The Barbarians #1)

Tonya C. Cook <http://www.bookshare.org/browse/author?key=Tonya%20C.%20Cook>
and Paul B. Thompson

Long Synopsis:
From the mists of Krynn's earliest history came the Barbarians. A young
brother and sister escape a pack of predators and strike out on their own,
their lives taking parallel courses linked to the destiny of different
tribes. But dark powers watch the rise of civilization with cold calculation
and deadly intent. Best-selling writing team Thompson and Cook make a
long-awaited return to the fantastical world of Dragonlance with this new
epic trilogy. 
Book Quality:
This completes the Barbarian series.
Happy reading.

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