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Hi all,

I've just submitted for validation

Freedom For the Thought That We Hate: A Biography of the First Amendment
by Anthony Lewis

It's been spell-checked, headers stripped, and the page numbers and chapter 
titles protected.

From the book jacket:
Congress shall make no law. . . abridging the freedom of speech, or of the 
press. . .

More than any other people on earth, Americans are free to say and write 
what they think. They can criticize the White House or air the secrets of 
the bedroom with little fear of punishment. This extraordinary freedom is 
based on just fourteen words in our Constitution: the free expression 
clauses of the First Amendment.
But the freedom we now take for granted did not take hold when the First 
Amendment was added to the Constitution in 1791. It was more than a century 
later, in 1931, when the Supreme Court first enforced the Amendment to 
protect speakers and the press. Since then judges have interpreted the 
sweeping language of the First Amendment to build a great structure of 
American liberty.
In Freedom for the Thought That We Hate, Pulitzer Prizewinning journalist 
Anthony Lewis tells the story of legal and political conflict, hard choices, 
and determined, sometimes eccentric Americans who led the legal system to 
realize one of America's great founding ideas.
In this, his first book in seventeen years, Anthony Lewis reminds us all 
that even our most basic freedoms as Americans have been secured through 
long struggle-by judges, lawyers, activists and ordinary citizens-and should 
never be taken for granted.


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