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All headers have been removed. O SURRENDER
. ''     Renowned   cryptologist   Noelle   Blanche
 ,." refuses to have blood on her hands. So
when the military asks for her help in a covert
 operation, she refuses-until masked
 gunmen raid her home and threaten her
 life. Suddenly it's all too clear that any
 blood spilled may be her own. Noelle has no choice but
 trust the dangerous stranger sent by the military to
 guard her. A stranger who is everything she detests,
 ything she fears... and everything she desires.

ner Delta Force operative David Wolfe thought he
 left it all behind-the horror, the hurt, the guilt,
 now  the men who savagely murdered  his  wife
; set their sights on a brilliant cryptologist who can
led them to the cache of weapons they prize. As passion
 unites between David and the woman he's sworn
to protect, what began as just a mission escalates into
a fight of his life. But can he prevent history from
mating itself?

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