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Hello Folks,

Unfortunately, many of our regulars couldn't make it to this meeting, and one 
who did had some technical trouble, so we're holding the book we chose last 
month over for another month.

The next meeting of the Science Fiction club will be on Thursday, June 10, 2010 
at the Book Nook.


Time: 9 PM Eastern, 8 Central, 7 Mountain, 6 Pacific, and 01:00 UTC.

The book we have chosen to read this month is: The January Dancer by Michael 

Available from BARD for digital download at:


Here is the NLS synopsis:

Captain Amos January and the crew of the merchant spaceship New Angeles land 
for repairs on a remote planet, where they discover a powerful, prehuman 
artifact called the Dancer. The Dancer changes hands frequently as governments, 
cabals, bandits, and others fight, scheme--even kill--to
possess it.

Here are two summaries, one from Publishers Weekly and the other from Booklist:

From Publishers Weekly

Starred Review. Acclaimed SF writer Flynn (Eifelheim)
delivers an epic tale of adventure, intrigue, suspense and mystery. Forced to 
for repairs on an unnamed, remote planet, Captain Amos January and crew discover
a cache of artifacts left by a cryptic alien race long before humans went to 
They soon retrieve the Dancer, a shape-changing stone that defies analysis. 
the scepter of a legendary prehuman king, certainly unique, the priceless trophy
is desired by diverse governments, military powers, plutocrats and cabals 
human-settled space. Flynn knits a richly detailed story of hunters, bandits and
patriots that will keep even the most diligent readers on their toes. The plot 
old-school space opera with its whirlwind pace, immense scope and twist ending, 
cutting-edge extrapolation breathes vivid life into this universe of scoundrels,
heroes and romantics. This multi-layered story demands much of the reader, but 
more than equivalent rewards.


A harper wanders into a bar on Jehovah, the focal point of an interchange on the
spaceways, and asks for the story of the Dancer, a prehuman artifact discovered 
the crew of a ship commanded by one Captain January, which set down for repairs 
an empty planet. They lost it trading for a working ship, and it changes hands 
times over the course of its story. It shows up again on civil war-wracked New 
then makes its way to a pirate fleet. If the legends are true, it's an artifact 
great and terrible power, and among its seekers are the Fudir, a Terran; Little 
O'Carroll of the Eireannaughta; and the Hounds Bridget Ban and Greystroke. 
its story Flynn weaves the stories of the minstrel who asked about it and the 
informing her, which are connected to a web of tales enveloping the Dancer. 
puts his world-building skills to good use, creating a context that begs to be 
explored, whether by him or someone else.

Those of us who've been reading Analog for many years know that when Michael 
Flynn is involved, good and thoughtful writing and plenty of surprises are in 
store. Those of you unfamiliar with the name are in for an introduction you 
will not soon forget.

Hope lots of you will be able to come to the next meeting.


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