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Hi Folks,

The next meeting of the Science Fiction club will be on Thursday, February 11, 

Time: 9 PM Eastern, 8 PM Central, 7 PM Mountain, 6 PM Pacific, and 0100 UTC.

Place: Book Nook at


The book we're reading this month is Night Train to Rigel by Timothy Zahn, 
available from Bookshare at


and available from NLS as a BARD download at


or on tape with number RC 62671.

Bookshare's copy does not have a long synopsis, but here is the short one:

When former intelligence agent Frank Compton discovers a Quadrail ticket in his 
in a dead man's pocket, he decides to use it and see where the train takes him.

Here is the NLS synopsis:

2084. A dying messenger hands Frank Compton a ticket for a seat on the 
Quadrail--an interstellar
transportation system run by the Spiders--destined for an
Earth colony in the Rigel star system. Once he's aboard the Spiders recruit 
Frank to stop trans-galactic weapons smugglers who could be plotting an attack.

Finally, here's a slightly longer description from Publishers Weekly taken from 

Hang on! Hugo-winner Zahn (Cascade Point ) takes off on a rip-roaring 
interstellar train ride with hard-boiled hero Frank Compton, recently fired 
from Earth's Western Alliance Intelligence for whistle-blowing on the costly 
Yandro colony boondoggle, a U.N. scheme to make humanity a real interstellar 
power. From Earth's mean streets, Compton hops the Quadrail, a mysterious 
galactic system run by the alien Spiders, who give him four months to defuse an 
interstellar war being engineered by the gestalt entity the Modhri. With Bayta, 
"The Girl" sent by the Spiders to recruit him, Compton blasts his way through 
layers of subterfuge and teams of unpronounceable alien baddies. Seeing a new 
chunk of the truth fall into place about every hundred pages, Compton carries 
comic-strip action to dizzying extremes in this highballing romp. Situations 
predictable from tough-guy PI fiction and characters straight out of Dick Tracy 
(even though some wear chipmunk fur and others inhabit telepathic coral 
colonies) make this night train a juicily familiar joyride.

Sounds like tremendous and imaginative fun from someone who knows how to do it 
well. Hope lots of you will give it a try and can drop in next month to talk 
about it.


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