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Hello Folks,

The next meeting of the Science Fiction club will be on Thursday, December 10, 
Place: Book Nook at

Time: 9 PM Eastern, 8 PM Central, 7 PM Mountain, 6 PM Pacific, and 0100 UTC.

This month, we're reading:
Fleet of Worlds by Larry Niven and Edward M. Lerner.
This is a prequel to Niven's classic Hugo-award-winning Ringworld involving 
those cowardly, but oh-so-clever Pierson's Puppeteers.

You can get it from the NLS for download at:
or on tape with number RC 66712.

Here is the NLS synopsis:
Two hundred years before Ringworld's discovery, the alien Citizens flee a 
supernovae chain reaction in their Fleet of Worlds. Spaceship navigator and 
colonist Kirsten Quinn-Kovacs, a descendent of humans rescued as embryos from 
an abandoned starship, scouts ahead for danger and uncovers disturbing, 
long-hidden truths about her ancestors' origins.

Here is a more detailed summary from Publishers Weekly taken from Amazon:
Niven, winner of multiple Hugo and Nebula awards, and Lerner (Probe) offer a 
lively prequel to Niven's 1970 classic, Ringworld. It's 2650, some 500 years 
after the human colony ship Long Pass was captured by Citizens, those paranoid, 
two-headed beings better known as Puppeteers from the Fleet of Worlds. The 
Citizens of the Concordance have bred and nurtured
successive generations of human Colonists from the Long Pass's crew and embryo 
banks, while lying about their origins, telling stories about an abandoned 
colony ship adrift in space. When a team of Colonist explorers led by Citizen 
Nessus to study intelligent life on an ice-covered world also uncovers evidence 
that the Concordance has lied about the past, they're determined to find the 
Meanwhile, Concordance Citizens learn that the ruling Conservative policymakers 
have mishandled secret contacts with Earth and endangered the Fleet. Fans of 
hard SF will be well rewarded.

Sounds like an exciting read, so I hope lots of you can make it for this one. 


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