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One added thing is that the renew link does appear at least a day or so 
before your seven days are up, so whenever I'm working on a book, as I am 
now, and may not have a lot of time to devote to it for a few days, I 
periodically check for that link so I don't miss it. Take care.
Julie Morales
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Yes, you can renew books innumberable times. Just
count 7 days from the day you download or renew,
including that day, and go to the upload page. You'll
see a renew option as well as a release and an upload

There are many of us who read carefully and change
everything that needs changing, in addition to spell
checking. The are scannos spell-checking won't find,
like the number one istead of of capital I,    rn
instead of m, as in Torn instead of Tom,  others I
can't thing of at the moment. It isn't necessary to
have the book itself, either, although, since I am
sighted, I always do. But I'm reading along the file I
can tell if a word like "is" or "an" or "the" is
missing from the sentence, because it just doesn't
feel right. Or if  there should be a comma and it's
missing. In that case I do check with the book because
sometimes the author has written the book that way --
older English (as in England) books, like a recent
Dorothy Sayers I validated, do punctuation
differently, and some newer U.S. authors do things
differently for effect. So if you feel up to it,
that's the thing to do. If it's something you've
scanned that you're not interested in reading, just
get rid of garbage and spell -check and check the
pagination and copyright page and let the validator
worry about the rest. There is a danger that if too
many words or letters are missing the book will be
rejected, like the one you did -- and you were right
to do so,unless you wanted to supply the missing



--- Pascha Lea <pascha2u@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi,
> Thanks for the welcome. I'm sorry I haven't
> responded until now. My mother had surgery last week
> so I was away taking care of her.
> I've already noticed that sometimes the scans don't
> seem to have come out clearly. I was working on a
> management text book that, unfortunately, lost two
> entire chapters to bad scanning. (I ended up
> rejecting it - I hope that was the right thing to
> do). Another book I reviewed seemd to have the last
> word or two lopped off the end of some of the
> scanned pages - I know that is a common error while
> scanning.
> I wasn't sure how in-depth the validation process
> should be. When we had a scanner, I used to scan
> some books for my husband and for those I would
> spend ages making sure that all typos and badly
> scanned items were fixed.
> At the moment, I am definintely doing spell-checks
> on all validation items. For cases such as those I
> mentioned above, I am more than willing to try to
> find a hard-copy of the book to fix dropped
> words/sentences, etc. - but it would more than
> likely take me a week to do so. Can you keep books
> for longer than a week under such circumstances?
> Anyway, I hope to learn loads more from this group!
> Thanks again for the warm welcome.
> Lea
> Kellie Hartmann <hart0421@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Lea, and welcome. It's really nice to have a few
> sighted volunteers here.
> :-) Sometimes books don't scan too well, and it's
> easiest for a sighted
> volunteer to work on those if they can get a print
> copy of the book.
> Another project that sighted volunteers sometimes do
> if they enjoy it is
> writing picture descriptions for the illustrations
> in children's books.
> So welcome, and I hope you can find things to work
> on that you enjoy
> reading.
> Kellie
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