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Hi, congratulations. Welcome and heartfelt best wishes as a proofreader.
If you are a deranged perfectionist, you will probably be talking shop
about all manner of stuff (I found myself talking about page breaks of
all things). If it really bugs you when you see a typo or you're the
kind who reads every word of a file from first to last, you are
officially a deranged perfectionist. I personally think all proofreaders
should be picky and meticulous. I also tend to proofread stuff I'd
prefer to read, so I have two things going for me: I get to have a great
time reading a book first and I'm making sure the book is readable for
anybody else who cares to download it once it's added to the Bookshare
collection. So I have the reader and the critic staying in my head as
I'm proofreading. The reader is blithely going along reading and the
critic says: "Hold on there, buddy, I noticed a scanno on p. 20, now we
have to take care of that before you can go back to your fun." Then
there's that lovely email that says: "Your book has been added to the
Bookshare library". So far I'm not jaded by this process, but then, I'm
not one can call a prolific proofreader. I take on one project at a time
and it suits me. Take care. Regards, Kim Friedman.
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Yippee! I've been approved! I've been approved! "I'm somebody now" (to
paraphrase Steve Martin in a movie whose name escapes me right now).
#-o d'oh! <http://mail.yimg.com/ok/u/assets/img/emoticons/48.gif> I
already have a book proofread to send in ("Dark Is The Sun" by Phillip
Jose Farmer)!



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Why is it taking over 3 months to approve new proofreaders after they
complete their first test book?

Jamie in Michigan
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