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Interesting approach. Let me talk it through with Collection Development and 
Engineering. A change like that would require a lot of cross-domain 
conversation. But, for now, the answer is "no."


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Hey, Scott!

Reading with Nichole and trying to work with Nichole's teacher about 
introducing Bookshare to beginning readers, I have a question/proposition.  In 
order to place emphasis on readable text in board books and early reader 
picture books, books that have no other navigation than title, would it be 
acceptable to put book text in bold 16 or 18 pt. and picture descriptions, not 
bolded and in 12 pt?  It would help print "pop" for visual readers (dyspexic 
and kids with PD) and even allow teaching navigation in a more useful and 
functional ways to early readers.  That way a parent reading the book would 
have easy access to all information, but a new reader being introduced to 
reading would have better presentation of age level text.



On Jul 20, 2011, at 3:43 PM, Scott Rains wrote:

 4)  Use these font sizes:          For the:
                          20 point  +  BOLDING        Book title
                          18 point  +  BOLDING        Larger section headings  
(such as "Part I", or "Section 2")
                          16 point  +  BOLDING        Headings for each section 
in the Front Matter, & Back Matter
                          16 point  +  BOLDING        Chapter headings
                          14 point  +  BOLDING        Chapter subheadings
                          12 point                             Text in the body 
of the book
                     5)  Maximum font size for anything in the file:       =  
20 point
                          Minimum font size for anything in the file:        =  
 8 point

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