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Carrie, thanks for your help with the links. I'm making a list of business
bestsellers from January 2009 till the present. I'll cross off the books
already in the collection and will check the list of books being done by the
outsourcers before tackling the books on my list. 
Monica Willyard
"The best way to predict the future is to create it." -- Peter Drucker


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Hi Monica,

It would be great if you could put in the business bestsellers. I just
checked the website, and it looks like the lists are updated monthly instead
of weekly. Some of the books on the lists are already in the collection,
which means fewer books for you to tackle.
The hardcover list for January is at
The paperback list for January is at
Since the books are nonfiction, they may be more difficult to proofread than
fiction, if they have charts, graphs, insets, etc. If you decide that a
business bestseller is too difficult to proof, shoot me an email and I'll
put it into the collection. Or if you have a book that's too big for your
scanner, I'll chop and scan it for you. And yes, the business books are
certainly educational.

Thanks for helping out! Carrie


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Carrie, I know that the Bookshare resources are limited. I didn't know that
there is a business books bestseller list. I think the business bestsellers
are important since many of us are either business owners or are
self-employed professionals. Would it be helpful for me to start working to
get those books into the collection? I spend a good part of my time reading
books from that genre already, and I may have some of the bestsellers on my
shelves without knowing it. If I scan them for Bookshare, will they help
with the numbers for the grant since they're nonfiction and educational?
Finally, if I buy a bestseller and find out that it's too big for my
scanner, would it be possible for you to chop and scan it on your end? 
Monica Willyard
"The best way to predict the future is to create it." -- Peter Drucker

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