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I proofeda Lord-og-the Rings bookledt that was given out at the movie. The 
photos had captions (long ones); I just used that and sait that ther photo on 
p. was the actor dressed as (whoever the character was. Maybe the star wars 
thing will be like that.

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> I can get the other three books but I
> don't want to work on them if they will be done by the
> outsourcers. Lego Star Wars is going to be a real pain in
> the butt to work on. It's a "visual
> dictionary" so I don't even know that it can be
> done.
> Well, okay, "anything" can be done. I
> don't know that I have the patience to do it, even if it
> is only 95 pages. I know squat about Star Wars and I imagine
> it's going to be tons of picture describing things about
> which I haven't a clue.
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