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I'll get on the Penguine Book of Irish Lit, then.


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Dear Jake and Cindy,
I love being so spoiled! 
Jake, Your regular posting of Marissa's list along with the statistics is
always fascinating and a positive nudge for me to get busy and tweak the
numbers in the direction of more uploads. It's so interesting to review the
kinds of books waiting to be downloaded and validated and to see books out
for editing which I can look forward to reading soon. I can't wait to read
the Brian Baru, The Penguin Book of Irish Literature, the Anne Perry, The
Dogs Who Found Me, The Complete Plays and Stories of Oscar Wilde, Everything
Is Illuminated, Brother Odd, Crisis, and many others.
Cindy, your posts of the Books Approved Today are welcome treats when they
turn up as I browse my in box. I'm always pleasantly torn. Do I drop
everything and download and read the latest additions or validate, validate,
validate, so I'll have the satisfaction of seeing one of my projects on one
of your lists?
These are among the valuable and fun extras those of us on this list enjoy
regularly. Thank you both for taking time to keep us in the loop...for
spoiling us. 
Always with love,

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