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  • From: Ali Al-hajamy <aalhajamy@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2012 17:53:28 -0500

Since you have the physical book with you, feel free to add all the missing information. Basically, you are given free reign to fix whatever requires fixing, as long as you don't change the book's contents or add your own with exceptions, detailed in the Volunteer Manual. What I mean is if you get something like a self or vanity published book that has spelling or punctuation errors, if you know they're part of the actual book and not scanos, don't fix them. our mission as volunteers is to stay as close to the printed text as possible. If you find that the text is so garbled in multiple places that you either can't figure it out, or in your case since you have the physical book, would take more time to fix than you're willing to spend, you can reject the book.

On 17-Dec-12 17:43, Jean McDonald wrote:
Hi, everyone:
I'm a new Bookshare volunteer, having just checked out my first book to proofread last Friday. Because I'm new at this, I picked a book that wasn't too long. I saw immediately that the scan had some issues (missing title page (there is a copyright page), some missing page breaks, garbled text). I went to the public library over the weekend and checked out a physical copy of the book but I'm wondering how much I'm allowed to fix. Can I add all of the things that are missing, or is it better to reject the book? Any guidance or suggestions on how I should proceed would be welcomed. I'm excited to get involved with Bookshare but want to be sure I start out on the right foot!
Thanks, Jean
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