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Hi Mike, 

True, the backlog continues, but what else is new? 

Tell your friends who are scanning and frustrated that if they'd like to
know the status of their books, they are more than welcome to send me an
email any time and I'll get back to them with the status of their books.


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Right now, I would guess about the only thing that is keeping us away
21,000 is BookShare itself <smile>!!
If there were enough hours in the day and people to do the
approving, I'd bet that the books in the queue would get us to that next

We likely also may have lost a few new scanners due to the slow
At least one individual, who I cajoled to submit their scanned books,
complained to me about the untimeliness of approvals and their lack of 
ability to know where their books stood.
The seasoned veterans such as ourselves understand these delays; the 
newbies likely don't.

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