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Nooooo! Oh, dear. Did Gerald (I think it was) and my
info about the copyright info arrive too late?

If that and page 8 were the only problems, we could
have fixed them.

I'll write to Gustavo. Maybe he can put it back and I
can take it. 

I'm almost finished with and ready to accept and
upload Robin Cook's Brain. It was really a very clean
scan, and thus a pleasure to read from that point of
view, although I didn't really understand enough of
the medical stuff and computer stuff to really enjoy
it. But the only things wrong with it, that was going
to cause it to be rejected, was lack of page breaks,
page numbers and a couple of missing pages--which I
could understand because in my paperback copy of the
book two pages stuck together, and if I weren't
reading it as I went along and double-checking for
page numbers I wouldn't have noticed it. Also, the
Author's Note at the end of the book is missing. As
soon as I scan and validate those, and spell-check for
anything I missed, I'll upload the book.

But that's why I hate to see things rejected. Some
things are really easy to fix if I can get the book,
and it sounds as if maybe Never Say Die is one of


--- "Shannon A. Reece" <shazza@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Well, I accepted it yesterday with a lengthy comment
> about trying to verify copyright.  It was back on
> step 1 this morning asking for verification of
> copyright date.  It ***cannot!!!*** be verified 100%
> so I rejected the doggoned thing!
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>   Hi.
>   I had that book several times, trying to figure
> out what to do with it. I didn't want to reject it,
> but in releasing a book there's no place for
> comments. Then I'd decide maybe I could figure it
> out, and took it again. Also, I think there was a
> problem with page 8.
>   Good luck, Shannon.
>   Mickey
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>     Subject: [bksvol-discuss] Re: Never Say Die
>     Thanks Gerald, the rmance part of her site was
> the only place I did not look.  
>     I have to say, :) I am validating this book, but
> I don't like it much.  It ain't my style.  She does
> far better with the medical thrillers she writes,
> but hey, if someone enjoys it, then it's all
> worthwhile!
>     Shannon
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>       Subject: [bksvol-discuss] Re: Never Say Die
>       Shannon,
>       Never Say Die is listed on Tess Gerritsen's
> website under romance.
>       http://www.tessgerritsen.com/romance.html
>       Here's a link to the book on Barnes and Noble.
>       HTH
>       Gerald
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>       Subject: [bksvol-discuss] ISBN search
>       Hi.
>       I am trying to figure out if a book that has
> been bouncing on and off the step1 page for two
> months is truly by the author it says it's by.
>       It's been returned many times because of time
> expiring and since it's supposedly by a favorite
> author of mine, I'd like to either accept it or
> reject it once and for all.
>       With that said:
>       The book is Never Say die supposedly by Tess
> Gerritsen.
>       The file says it's published by Mira Books
> which I believe is in Canada, hence maybe there's no
> US copyright.  I can't find this title by Tess
> Gerritsen on the US copyright site at all.  She also
> does not have it listed on her web site,
> www.tessgerritsen.com either. 
>       According to the file, the ISBN is: 
>       1-55166-176-4
>       From the file again:
>       Copyright © 1992 by Terry Gerritsen
>       Okay now I saw one item by a Terry Gerritsen
> on the US copyright site, but since this was before
> I got the book, I did not research Terry Gerritsen.
>       However on the page before this  Copyright ©
> 1992 by Terry Gerritsen
>       the book reads:
>       Coming soon from MIRA Books and TESS GERRITSEN
>       So now I am horrifically confused.  Are Terry
> and Tess Gerritsen the same people?  I don't buy it,
> since Tess writes medical thrillers and this book is
> not a medical thriller at all according to the short
> synapsis.  Also, while you can't carve this
> observation in stone, Terry is a male spelling.  
>       I am going back to the US copyright site to
> research Terry, but in the meantime, where is a good
> place to go to search on ISBN numbers?  
>       If I can't find a satisfactory answer to the
> Terry/Tess dellemma, I am tempted to reject it with
> a long winded comment to our beloved administrator. 
> And before you ask, there is no submitter info so I
> can't ask there.
>       Can anybody offer me any guidance please.
>       Thank you,
>       Shannon Reece
>       shazza@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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