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HI Denise,

        Unfortunately, I don't think the "look inside the book" is
accessible for a blind person using a screen reader.  I could be wrong, but
I've never been able to make that work.  The pages that you see are pictures
of the pages and pictures do not seem to be readable with a screen reader
because they're pictures and not straight text on the page.  Some of our
more techy computer users may have found a way to use this feature though.
I am not a geek.  I only know what I know.  

Sorry, I'm not lori, but. . .



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Hi Lori,
What I discovered, and this may or may not work for you, is that if I go to
amazon.com and find the book I'm working on, I may get lucky and find a link
to look inside the book.  There is the ability to search the contents of the
book and find certain passages, and then the link will bring up the scanned
page.  So, I keep my Word document open, and another window with Amazon and
reference their scanned pages.  I don't know if all titles have all scanned
pages, but the book I'm working on now does.  I checked and they do have
your version of "Edith's Diary" here
For example, if I'm on page 68 and I'm not sure if the man's last name is
"Hoover" or "Hooker", I'll click on "search this book" and find another word
on that page that isn't necessarily common, like "alcove".  I will then get
a list of every page that has "alcove" on it.  I click on the link for page
68 and I can see that the sentence is "...and Mr. Hoover visited the alcove
every year since his father died."  I then correct my document to be Hoover
instead of H? or whatever it was.
So far, I've been at this for one day, but it's working out brilliantly!  If
you actually click the link to search the book you do not need to log in.
If you want to follow the links further to access the scanned pages, you do
need to login to Amazon.com (you will prompted).
Let me know if you have questions.  I may not have explained it well
I hope this helps!


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Hello, Everyone,
I am proofreading a book "Edith's Diary" by Patricia Highsmith.  Part way
through the book, I realized that there are chapters identified by Arabic
numerals.  However, the chapter numbers did not scan until halfway through
the book, and even after that point, some of them are missing.
Can anyone get a copy of the book and email me a list of the chapter numbers
and page number for the beginning of each chapter?  This edition of the book
has 317 pages; its ISBN is 



This is quite a good book, so I hope someone can help.




Cat Lover Lori


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