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  • Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2005 08:54:50 -0800 (PST)

The Nebula Award winners for novels (not novelettes, novellas, short stories or 
scripts) are:
1965 Dune (on db)
1966 (tie) Flowers for Algernon (on db)
1966 (tie) Babel-17 (NOT on db)
1967 The Einstein Intersection (NOT on db)
1968 Rite of Passage (NOT on db)
1969 The Left Hand of Darkness (NOT on db)
1970 Ringworld (on db)
1971 A Time of Changes (on db)
1972 The Gods Themselves (on db)
1973 Rendezvous with Rama (on db)
1974 The Dispossessed (NOT on db)
1975 The Forever War (on db)
1976 Man Plus (NOT on db)
1977 Gateway (on db)
1978 Dreamsnake (NOT on db)
1979 The Fountains of Paradise (NOT on db)
1980 Timescape (on db)
1981 The Claw of the Conciliator (NOT on db)
1982 No Enemy But Time (NOT on db)
1983 Startide Rising (on db)
1984 Neuromancer (NOT on db)
1985 Ender's Game (on db)
1986 Speaker for the Dead (on db)
1987 The Falling Woman (NOT on db)
1988 Falling Free (NOT on db)
1989 The Healer's War (NOT on db)
1990 Tehanu: The Last Book of Earthsea (on db)
1991 Stations of the Tide (NOT on db)
1992 Doomsday Book (on db)
1993 Red Mars (NOT on db)
1994 Moving Mars (on db)
1995 The Terminal Experiment (on db)
1996 Slow River (on db)
1997 The Moon and the Sun (on db)
1998 Forever Peace (on db)
1999 Parable of the Talents (on db)
2000 Darwin's Radio (on db)
2001 The Quantum Rose (NOT on db)
2002 American Gods (on db)
2003 The Speed of Dark (on db)
Of the 40 books listed above, we already have 24 on the database and need 16 
more to have all of them available.

I'll create lists of the Hugos and the Edgars later, maybe tackle the Pulitzers 

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