[bksvol-discuss] Nearly 90 New Books Added Today

  • From: "Gerald Hovas" <GeraldHovas@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 7 Aug 2006 21:04:46 -0500

If I remembered correctly which book was the last to be approved before the
weekend, then 88 books were added to the collection today.  All but a
handful are from O'Reilly, which publishes technical books and provides them
directly to Bookshare.


If you'd like to see an up-to-date list of the new books now and possibly
download a few, then click on the following link.


t=Search>  New Books - English Only


If you can't click on the link because your e-mail software can't receive
HTML messages, then go to www.jbrownell.com <http://www.jbrownell.com/>  and
click on Useful Bookshare Links then click on English books sorted by most
recent publication date.




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