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I had BBQ Potato Chips and I also had homemade bean dip with tortilla chips.
"To me, music that breaks your heart is the music that stays with you forever. 
It's one thing to be melancholy and one thing to be sophisticated, but when you 
get the two of them together in a way people can relate to, then I think you're 
on to something. You want the sophistication to lie in the purity of the sound, 
the beauty of the arrangements, and the quality of the performances."-Trumpeter 
Chris Botti
Chela Robles
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        Sounds like an interesting book


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          Yes, today is national Potato Chip day! Eat some chips! And wait a 
week or so and this book will be in the collection:
          The Greatest Potatos by Penelope Stowell
          Booklist Review 
          Gr. 1-3. Who knew that potato chips were invented in an attempt to 
cook the worst-tasting potatoes on Earth? This dynamic picture book is based on 
the true story of George Crum, an African American fry cook at a restaurant in 
Saratoga, New York, who, in 1853, did exactly that. It all starts when finicky 
millionaire Cornelius Vanderbilt embarks on a mission to discover the greatest 
potato dish ever. Mr. Vanderbilt arrives at Moon's Lake restaurant, and George 
serves him French fries, and then hash browns, with no success: Utterly 
inedible! Even the Congress Hall hash browns had more constitution. Down to his 
last spud, the disgusted Crum decides to give the Commodore something inedible, 
deliberately overcooking and oversalting. Well, Vanderbilt can't eat just one, 
and the rest is history. Lively ink-and--watercolor illustrations capture 
Crum's culinary attempts (French fries stacked in an Eiffel Tower) with 
creativity. The jokes sometimes seem a bit sophisticated, but the story is fun 
and animated, the subject appealing. An author's note, a potato chip recipe, 
and a selected bibliography are appended. --Karin Snelson Copyright 2005 
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