[bksvol-discuss] NLS vs Bookshare in making books accessible

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Nan, let us know how it goes. In almost two decades of asking the NLS for books I'd like to read, all of which had professional reviews and were published by major publishing houses, I have yet to have them add one single book I wanted to their list. Not one. Many were highly acclaimed within their genre (mostly science fiction and military history). I finally just quit asking. As a fan of science fiction and military history, it's been a teeth-grinding experience.

I understand that NLS has time and budget limits.  But...

Hurray for Bookshare! I love that any one can request any book from any genre and not have someone else decide that it won't ever make the collection. The only reason 100% of the wishlist books aren't in the collection yet is that there isn't enough staff or volunteer time to get to all of them.

Judy s.

Nan Hawthorne wrote:
Replies to your questions and suggestions.

Cindy, I will definitely be looking into this.. I am sending my book to Historical Novel Society Online for review, but small press books can be a bear to get reviewed by the Big Guys.

Jackie, it was actually my local NLS library that turned me down without a "professional" review.

Does anyone know of a site with a popular review  of accessible books?

I have written to the fellow listed as the head of the historical fiction chat group here but no reply. Who administers the clubs? If he is no longer interested in coordinating it, I would love to.

Nan Hawthorne

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