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  • Date: Sun, 11 Dec 2005 13:01:56 -0500

It's Ann's but the one in the collection may be the one I was told had problems.

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  If it's Ann Coulter's "Slander,  Liberal Lies  about
  the American Right," (and you are A  Bookshare
  Volunteer) then it's in the collection. If it's a book
  by Catherine Coulter with the title of Slander, I
  don't see it anywhere--not on download list, not in
  collection, not being validated and not in
  administrator queue.  Did it disappear like Tom's
  books? I wonder what's going on?


  --- Gary Petraccaro <garyp130@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

  > At the request of a BookShare user, I scanned and
  > proofed Coulter's Slander.  The user said that the
  > current copy had problems which was why I bothered
  > at all.  After uploading the book, I waited to hear
  > whether it was needed.  Now, it's no longer on the
  > step one page.  I've gotten no notification
  > whatsoever.  I put considerable effort into what I
  > do for BookShare and I'm now seriously p.o.ed.
  > If anyone knows anything about this title, please
  > let me know.  I'd very much appreciate it.

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