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Hi Monica,
The source code examples can be gotten from the web. You will see when you
check out the step one page. Indentation is not important in Ruby.



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Hi, Jim. I'm willing to validate your book if you need credit. I noticed it
but didn't take it since I don't know that programming language. I was
afraid I'd miss a scanno in one of the samples of code in the book. I'm
somewhat familiar with C programming and can read PHP code. If you think I
can handle the book, I'll gladly give it a shot. Your book is important,
and I want you to get your credit for scanning it.

Monica Willyard

james.homme@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
      I am hoping that someone will validate Teach Yourself Ruby In 21
      Days. I
      would, but we can't validate our own books. This is a programming



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