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Hey, Donna!  You are a stellar quality submitter!  it is always a pleasure 
to work with you!  Keep giving us those great scans, and keep advertising so 
we will know when you submit soomething!

Happy New Year!!

Sue S.

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Alas, it would significantly tarnish the stellar reputation of BookShare 
validators should I start validating.  I discovered my limitations years ago 
and I know to stick to scanning.  Even when I read one of my scans from 
cover to cover, I don't have the patience to correct it no matter my resolve 
when I start.  I'll page through every single page and fix headers and page 
numbers and chapter titles, end-of-line hyphens and title pages, table of 
contents and back cover information, even indexes and bibliographies, and I'll 
rescan as many pages as necessary including the entire book to get a better 
copy, but I'm a terrible validator!

Donna, the confirmed scanner


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