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This message is making me worry about accidentally reading one of these books and finding out that someone "fixed" a book into readability where the actual phrasing in the book was arrived at through guessing--albeit very educated guessing.

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Hi, Donna and Maithe. I can sympathize with your frustration. Would you
two consider validating each other's books? Maybe that would help you
both. I don't know if this has anything to do with your books not being
processed quickly. Some of us have been focusing on some of the older
books and those of poor quality, trying to make some final decisions on
books that have been batted around for several months without
resolution. Elizabeth has rightly pointed out that our more experienced
volunteers can probably handle these books better because the quality
isn't very good, and there are scanning issues that can't easily be
fixed. These books take a lot of time to check out and either reject or
fix up. As we're running interference on these difficult books, we need
other people to make sure the easy validations are done. Sometimes we
spend hours fixing a book, only to get to a point where rejecting is the
only option. I don't want to see excellent scans lost in the shuffle
because we're busy working on these problem scans. If this tells you
anything, I have validated 4 books this week and rejected 3 more.

I hope our newer volunteers will step up and work on your fiction scans
since they are easy to do. There are quite a few easy validations up
there right now, and it would be great if those could be given the fast
approval time they deserve.

Monica Willyard


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