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The same thing has happened to me on several occasions.  Several of the popular 
fiction books I submitted are downloaded, kept for several weeks...and then 
sent back to step 1.  I don't know why this is happening, but it happens often 
enough that I don't pay attention to the number of books I have on the 
validation page as I know that at least one or two will end-up back on step 1.  
Very strange.


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  Hi all.


  In checking the status of the scans I've submitted, I noticed that "What Do 
Women Want" by Erica Jong is back on Step 1.  It looks like someone had it for 
a week and then returned it on 12/16/07.  Since it hasn't been downloaded again 
by that person, I'm guessing that she decided not to work with it.  It's a very 
clean scan and a great book, so if anyone else wants to take it on, it's there 
for the taking.  As usual, if there are any errors, don't struggle with them, 
just let me know and I'll rescan pertinent pages or have Tom look up things we 
can't figure out from the print copy.


  Strawberry Tattoo by Lauren Henderson is also still there.  It looks like 
Tricia Netzley had it for two weeks and then the anonymous BookShare volunteer 
got it and returned it.  I don't recognize Tricia from this list, but if you're 
on here and there's a problem with the book, please let me know.  Otherwise, as 
far as I know it's a clean scan of my usual quality and it's an easy validation 
 for someone as well as a fun read.


  Two other books haven't even been downloaded at all:


  The Beautiful Room by Edmond White, a beautifully written, lyrical novel 
about coming of age as a homosexual


  The Televisionary Oracle by Rob Brezsney.  Now I know in my original posting 
of this book I called it "out there even for me" and it's true that it's far 
from mainstream, but it's really very funny and he has quite a following in the 
college age crowd, so I hope this one gets in the collection.


  I don't need the credits, but I don't like to keep adding books when others 
are still waiting validation.  If there's a problem.well I'm starting to repeat 
myself, but seriously, I'll do any fixing necessary.


  Thanks, and happy validating!



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